In everything you do, you’re going to get told the word “no.”  We actually get told no, many more times than we get told yes.  That’s just a part of everyday life and the obstacles you face. 

I was told no many times while creating the site Business Beware, some just didn’t think it would work like I had imagined it would.  It’s tough when you hear the word no because you know you believe in what you do and want others to see the potential you see in it as well.  The best thing you can do is move on to the next person that says yes.  Don’t be afraid to get rejected, those who tell you NO will down the road wish they were a part of your project, just remember that. 

I had contacted a company a few months back about partnering with our site Business Beware because they had the exact same audience as we did, I mean exact same audience and I thought “man what a great opportunity for the both of us, we could be a powerhouse for businesses/contractors.”  But in the reply that I received back they said they only look at sites that have the same traffic as theirs so they were sorry they could not even give us a look.  I was actually shocked by this but hey no skin off of our backs and come to find out we actually do rank way higher than this site and we have numerous articles on us but they seem to believe they are better than others, who cares.  I just simply replied back with “Okay no problem, thank you for getting back with me but I have a feeling you will be missing out…” 

Since then, we have added about 6-8 partners who are awesome by the way and we are bringing people to them just as they are bringing people to us.  It’s awesome.  So just because that one door shut doesn’t mean it’s the only door that won’t open.  So when someone says NO, move on and find that right person who will say YES.  Besides the ones who say yes are always much better to work with anyways. 

See ya!

Written by ashley
Entrepreneur + Believer. Though I stumble and fall each day, oh what a wonderful journey it is. Don't sweat the small stuff and say what you need to say.