Have you ever felt like you were driving with your eyes closed? And I don’t mean literally driving with your eyes shut feeling this way while you go through life?

We go through life making plans and trying to figure out what we’re going to do with our life and getting frustrated when things don’t always go like we planned. It’s hard to understand why things work out the way they do or maybe it’s just me who thinks that sometimes. I get to the point where I go “what am I doing?!” And that’s when I feel like I’m driving through life with my eyes shut because you honestly never know what’s coming around the corner. When your eyes are open you can dodge the cones, curves, people, animals that linger in the road etc. but life doesn’t allow you to see what the next day brings.

I do love not knowing what the day brings but then sometimes I wish I knew or had somewhat of a heads up about some things. But I guess that wouldn’t help us to become stronger people and bend with the wind right?

Written by ashley
Entrepreneur + Believer. Though I stumble and fall each day, oh what a wonderful journey it is. Don't sweat the small stuff and say what you need to say.