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Are You Planning for the Weekend or for the Future?

Okay it’s only normal to get your weekend plans together especially when you’re young and in college so I am not knocking that whole idea at all. But all the effort and time that you put into planning the next party you’re going to crash or meet up at you could be doing something that actually is going to matter down the road to the near future of your life.

It’s easy to party and anyone can do it (if they choose of course). It’s hard to see life past high school or college because you’re in the moment but it all fades. Do you really want to keep being those people who never grow up and become the college party person for life? Maybe you do and that’s own prerogative but instead of wasting time planning for the next big weekend start concentrating on where you want to be and where you really see yourself in a few years then work towards it.

I was never the party person just because I didn’t see the point in it, I wanted to excel in sports and it was just my choice. I think it’s funny how those that choose not to participate in it get so much flack from the ones that do but when all in truth they’re the ones missing out on great opportunities. Don’t ever feel like you have to impress anyone especially when it comes to something you don’t care to do.

Everything will always fall into place like most say but you also have to take steps to get there too. Great things happen to those who work hard and put in the time. So are you going to plan for the next big weekend or are you going to plan for the future?

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