Everyone has a story to tell about the time they flew somewhere and something completely went wrong. This is one of those stories but out of all the times I have ever flown whether it was for business or personal, never has it been this bad (and for those that know me I am not one to complain)…Just 4 days ago we were suppose to be flying to NYC for to help support and cover the Girls Who Rock event and we had numerous interviews set up and oh so much more to get done…but we never made it. Why? One word….Delta.

5:15 am – Orlando Airport/Ticketing

We arrive and walk through to get into the line to wait where we can check our bags. It’s not even that long of a line to begin with but none of the employees are helping anyone at the counters. I saw two walk by me as they were texting on their phones and people were trying to flag them down.

5:45 am Ticketing

Yes, we are still waiting in line to get up to the machines to check our bags.

6:25 am Ticket Counter

We finally make it up to the counter to get our tickets and check our bags. My sister and I are going through motions of the on-screen instructions and for some reason credit card and debit card would not work on the machine. As I am trying to get this to work a short Spanish Delta employee passes by and looks up at us (literally) and says “you’re going to miss you flight.”  *side-note* This employee sees that I am having trouble but doesn’t even offer to help but has the time to say that to me….I ask another guy wondering aimlessly behind the counter if he can help me and he shook his head, threw his hands up and said he couldn’t help either.

6:31 am Ticket Counter part 2

The computer kicked me out where I had to restart the whole process. That was fine but when I got to the part about adding our bags it said “You’re late and you cannot check any bags.” This happens as my other sister and brother-in-law are waiting for us and have their bags/tickets. There is a guy standing right in front of me that had not looked up once even as I said “Sir, I really need to ask you a question…” He replied with “let me finish this first.” After another minute goes by I say again “Sir, I need to talk to you asap.” The Spanish employee walks back by again and says….”you’re not going to be able to get your bags on that flight and those won’t fit on the plane.” Really? I had no idea…Finally a younger guy walks over after overhearing what’s going on and overrides the system to get our bags on there since we still had 45 minutes until our flight took off. The younger guy was even annoyed by the current employees giving us a hard time saying “ok! just STOP, what’s the flight #….?”

6:45 am Security line

We make our way over to security and an employee says take this line since it’s shorter…right next to where the wheelchair line was funneling in.We literally stood there and didn’t move at all. For some reason (and of all times) they had at least 10-15 come through the wheelchair line in just the first 10 minutes. They were also letting others (who were not at all handicapped) go through that line causing us to still stand there.

7:03 am Security line

We finally are able to go to another security line they opened up and quickly got through it (luckily I was not double scanned because I always seem to be the random one that gets chosen). We grab our stuff and take off for gate 77.

7:06 am Gate 77

We are running up to the gate and the door is still opened, the plane is still there and attached….Rachel and I get there first and are yelling as we run up to wait and one lady looks right at us and shuts the door. The other lady standing at the desk just looks at us and shakes her head….We asked the lady why we could not get on the plane and she says “you’re late and we close the door 10 minutes before. Well if that were true then it would have been late on their part actually….The flight was not suppose to leave until 7:15 am. It didn’t leave until 7:17 am and were standing there the whole time.

Here’s where we questioned them about “if you saw that we (and all other 6 people that were running up) were checked in, our bags were on the flight then why in the world would you not wait for those passengers? I have been on flights before where we waited for 30 minutes for one passenger to get on the flight. (Honestly we think they oversold it and put people on the flight and lied that the seats were still open.) Moving on….

7:20 am Gate 77

Neither employee would help us and went through the textbook manual about having to go to the “help line” and getting on the next flight we would have to pay $50.00 for when we already paid for a full ticket and it was not our fault for missing that flight. That’s flat out ridiculous.

7:25 am The Help Center

We tried explaining what happened and they could not do anything about it and basically wanted our credit card #’s to charge more money. We ended up having to speak with a supervisor about the situation. He actually was pleasant to speak with and was sorry about the situation and ended up waiving the fees. But he put James, Rachel and Leah in a seat and me on standby. He said you will get on the plane because it’s even and there are seats available. We thanked him and geared up to wait for the 1:30 pm flight to JFK.

5 hours later….

1:00 pm 2nd attempt to fly out of MCO

I went up to the counter with James and we were waiting to talk to the guy about my seat and tell him what Paul, the supervisor said earlier. He immediately looked at my ticket and said sorry you’re on standby as if he didn’t want to deal with us. We explained what happened and he said “I have 9 seats and 9 confirmed people with tickets for these seats so she is on standby (basically saying sorry you’re not getting on this flight). We were still calm but apparently the little man behind the counter got offended when we asked to speak with his supervisor and he raised his voice yelling across the counter at us. Another guy walks up and says that there are no supervisors to speak with and Paul was gone for the afternoon.

**Paul told us there were only 3 seats available but where we got screwed was the fact that they oversold 9 seats ahead of me.

1:15 pm (People are now boarding this flight we need to catch)

*Still calm* we explained that we needed to speak with someone immediately and he stormed off. He brought back a supervisor (apparently he lied about no one being there) and we explained it all to him. He stood there with no expression in his face, read off a textbook answer and walked back to the counter. He asked what time we needed to get there and were like “umm 9am that morning….” and then I explained that we had to be there at an event by 6pm and we were already cutting it close with this flight as it was. It’s literally like he was not listening to a word we said and we were in the twilight zone. My sister Rachel started to get upset after just taking all of it in and the stress that had built that day and when the wee little man (who said there was no supervisor) said “so are you going or not? I have 3 seats and if you’re not I need to fill them.” Rachel replied saying “no if all 4 are not able to go then we’re not going.” Both employees cracked a smile and giggled as she said it. That’s when I lost it.

I pushed them out of the way and said “I don’t think you understand that this is your fault to begin with, nobody has helped us or cared to help for that matter and now you laugh at us?” Then he replies with “well you missed your flight this morning, you need to be here 2 hours early…” Apparently he missed the part that we were there 2 hours before and even got through without their help but had the door shut in our faces. I said “I’m not mad at you but I am mad at the fact that nobody even cared to help us and we were lied to the whole day.

Needless to say we didn’t get on that flight and just cancelled our flights. We were able to be refunded but the only thing they offered us was meal vouchers. I kid you not…he asked “well are you going to hang out at the airport?” Oh good lord.

We had to go to baggage to get our bags sent back from NYC because our bags were on our original 7:15 flight and pick them back up at 8:00pm. The only person that was truly kind enough to us all day was Suzanne at baggage claim.

It makes me sick to think about all the months of planning/organizing for this trip, all the people we had to contact to let them know we not going to be able to make it by canceling interviews etc. just because of some Delta Airline employees. Despite all that happened we still never became a CustoMonster as we say at Business Beware….although we had every right to. They ruined an amazing business trip and didn’t even care. Another reason why small business people rock because they would have done something about it or at least not laughed in our face.

P.S. Luckily I packed a video cam…..that’s all I’m saying.


photo credit: movingtoplaces.com

Written by ashley
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