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51 Reasons We Love You, Dad

My sisters and I tried to think outside the box for our Dad’s birthday this year with him turning 51. All three of us have gotten into the DIY stuff (literally addicted) and came up with one cool project or we hoped it would come out as we pictured it. We decided to get a list together between the 3 of us of 51 reasons we love our Dad.

We had a ton of ideas and originally thought about using each quote on a post-it note or even paint chip/sample but then completely changed our minds once we got to Michaels and this is what we ended up with:


What we used to create this: (all materials are from Michaels)

  • Shadowbox frame that opens up
  • Black poster/foam board
  • Silver and gold paint pen
  • 2 wooden numbers
  • One can of (blue) gloss spray paint

Just write your the quotes alternating each paint pen but make sure you trace out the number (or whatever you decide to use in the center) before you write all the way across the board. We had to cut down the board to fit the frame so make sure you that you have a good razor and steady hand to cut the sides. The wooden numbers were quite heavy so we used a very heavy duty contractor glue (you could use Gorilla Glue) to put them on the board. Let it dry before you stand it up or plan to show it off or use it.

It’s very simple to do and you could do it for anyone honestly. Dad truly loved it and had to sit there and read every single one quote on there. We actually put #51 on the back and included a note from each of us just to add an extra special touch. If you decide to do this for someone let us know and send us the pictures, we’d love to see them!


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