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DIY Photography: Engineering Prints For Large Photos

For all of you photographers that like to do DIY projects with your photos, you’re going to love this!

I have a ton of photos from traveling and some from shooting the show that I have wanted to do something with for a while now. It also adds up when you blow up a large color photo and then add a frame to it. I started talking to a friend who creates engineering prints for their business and it hit me to ask if it’s at all possible to print photos in that form? He immediately said, “Send over a picture and we’ll give it a go.” I sent him a picture and they turned out as a sweet poster size photo that I wanted. Although it can only be printed in black and white, it really turns out as a great photo (as long as the picture is crisp too).

For those of you wanting to jump on this then hop over Staples and get their engineering prints for only $4. Yes, only $4. If you’ve had photos that you set aside then give this a try and get creative with it.

I am going to try a few different things with canvases and creative frames so a follow up about that will be on the way soon. We might even do a few of these for the office and studio! Have you tried this before or have some ideas to share?

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