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10 Things That Sports Taught Me About Life

10 Things That Sports Taught Me About Life

1. You can’t predict a game. Too many times we try and predict what might happen in life but in all truth, we have no clue. Life is meant to be full of ups and downs, that’s what makes it “life.” Stop trying predict what’s going to happen next and live in the moment because it might be all that you have.

2. One stupid mistake can cost you the game. You live and learn. One mistake could completely change your life in an instant. Life is not perfect, learn from your mistakes and don’t make them again. You don’t want to live your life always wondering why you made the mistake in the first place. Always remember this, “Don’t get into a car that doesn’t have any brakes.” 

3. Never stop moving. The moment that you stop moving in life is when you stop learning and motivating yourself. Never, ever lose that. As you get older it’s easy to stop doing things because life gets in the way but truthfully “moving” is what keeps you from going insane and getting stressed out. Life is much different than going to school, writing a paper and then going to practice. You have bills, a family, stresses, tragedies and more. Never feel sorry for yourself, keep moving because it could always be worse.

4. Trust your gut. The feeling that you have in your stomach telling you to do or not to do something knows best. Too many people try and tell you how to live when you should be listening to your voice within. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, worry about what you need to be doing.

5. Create a solid team. People are going to come and go in your life. There is a reason for every person you meet but for the long run you need to build a solid team that you can turn to when the road gets tough. That goes for family and friends. Good friends are hard to come by and when you find one, hold onto them and be a good friend to them too. It’s not about the quantity of friends you have, it’s the quality along with the lasting memories that you make on this crazy road of life.

6. Persistence never lets you down. Those that are persistent are the ones who come out on top every time. They never give up and constantly push to be better. Surround yourself with these types of people who never stop challenging themselves and constantly make you want to be a better person.

7. Recovery is key. Push yourself but also take a break. Life can get complicated and sometimes you have to step back and take a few days off to recharge your batteries. The ones who take time to recover are the ones who last much longer because they build up the strength and mindset to keep going.

8. Practice like you play. There is a reason that you practice, to perform your best. Everyone has great moments in life and each day you practice for those great moments, whatever they may be. Practice like you play so that when others see you, they always see the best of you no matter what gets thrown your way. We are not guaranteed a certain amount of time in life and if you wait to play like a champion then you just missed out on a ton of opportunities to show others how great you are in your daily practice.

9. Consistency really is key. Don’t be the stand out guy who only makes three pointers when he’s “on.” Shoot all over the court and make the basket at each spot. Be consistent with everything you do. Those are the ones who go through life that can look back and never have any regrets. Don’t sprint the marathon, create a consistent pace and finish strong while taking in your surroundings.

10. Never let your guard down. People are always watching to see when you will fail or fall. Let others talk but don’t give them a reason to talk about you. People like to throw stones at things that shine and that’s okay but if you give them any reason to gossip about you then that’s on you. Don’t give into stupid things in high school because in 5 years it’s not going to matter at all. Stay strong and carry yourself well. You will look back and be glad that you did, trust me.


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