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Purpose, Passion and a Mission

A few months ago when the whole thing happened with Obama talking about how small businesses “didn’t build that,” fiasco, I started scanning Twitter and business owners fired back across the boards. I was taken back with how many people were letting him know what they thought about his comment. I was taken back in a good way…

Business owners have been put in the backseat with just about everything in this society. As I’ve gotten older and really seen the other side of what it takes to run a business, I see how so many out there work hard but never have a voice . We only see the flashy things in front of us as in the big companies like Apple, Google, Wal-Mart etc. Most large companies have great compelling stories of how they started but they are told over and over. It’s almost like a new song that gets overplayed on the radio, you finally get to the point where you tune it out over time because you’re tired of hearing it. There are so many stories out there whether they’re in small towns, a startup trying to make a name for themselves or someone who is dropping out of the corporate to pursue their dreams.

I was speaking with someone the other day about our mission with and they said to me, “I started my first business when I was 15 and I’ve heard stories all of my life but if you didn’t bring these to light, nobody would ever know about them.” It’s so very true. Even though we launched this project just a few months ago, we have a long way to go and oh so many stories to share with you from people across the country.

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