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DIY L Shape Studio and Computer Desk

So what would a new studio need? A new snazzy desk of course that has oh so much space for computers, cameras etc. We’re all about projects especially when it involves wood staining. There’s just something about the look, the smell…no judgement.

Pinterest is a great place to get some ideas or at least your juices flowing for your own projects and that’s exactly where we were inspired to build our L shaped desk. What we found was actually a just a long and straight desk but we had the room to extend and use up a corner in the studio area.

Here’s the inspiration:

We first built the box stands. We just used plywood from Lowe’s and sanded it down where it’s perfectly smooth to touch.

Measure your opening size and slide in where you want your shelf to be and boom. We added some thicker boards to the bottom for extra stability and height.

Once you get your shelves built, get ready for the board cutting… figure out how many boards you need for your shelf tops and start cutting. We decided to cut the boards like below to create a cool design rather than having the boards run straight into each other. Completely up to you on what you prefer to do.

Once you’ve cut your boards and have them strapped in and ready to go, get ready to get your stain on. We chose this red mahogany color from Lowe’s. We didn’t even use half of this and it actually only took one coat since it was such a rich color.

Tip: make sure when you stain that you TAKE YOUR TIME. Start at the end and go a little ways but when you get more on your brush, make sure to go halfway back over what you just did to make it even. With the darker color, it’s a little easier to gauge. ┬áLet the stain sit for the day or overnight.

After you’re done, use a sealer to seal to the color and give that extra last touch to the wood finish. Here’s what we used:

Don’t let a project like this intimidate you. If you find inspiration and want to make it your own, go for it. We’ve got quite a few projects to share with you that we’ve done with the new studio so stay tuned. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have. We’re an open book with this stuff. Also, stay tuned for the final photos of the desk completely done and shelves complete.

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