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When Everything Stops

I have had so many emails this past year where people have asked where we’ve been, what direction we’re headed with BB, Mom & Pop etc. I haven’t fully gone into detail with everyone I’ve spoken with only because I wasn’t even fully sure what was next for us with everything. For the first time we know what we need to do and where to go from here so the best way we can do that is to first share our story.

I’m excited for this new chapter of where we are sharing small business stories of struggle, triumph, heartache, tragedy, success and faith from people across the country. What we’ve been through this past year changed our perspective in life and business. Some might say we’ve changed but we haven’t changed, we just see things a little clearer than we use to.

New stories are coming to in Jaunuary 2014. Send your stories to iamamomandpop(at)

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