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When God Says To Let Go

I know it’s been a while since I posted something but I can honestly say that time is now starting to fly by again and it’s a very good thing…

I want to jump forward a little bit from the last post and take you to June ’13 of last summer. I got a call from my friend Sierra saying that there was an opportunity to go to Alaska if I was able to go at the end of July. I remember after getting off the phone and there was this moment where it hit me that this was something I needed to do.

Rachel and I took trips together and would plan trips we wanted to take. One of the last things we talked about that last night I saw her is planning a trip to Alaska. It was a place we both wanted to cross off of our list and after what happened I honestly wrote it off because I didn’t want to think about going there without her. Like I explained in the trip to CO to visit Sierra, I knew God was working behind the scenes with that friendship and then for her to open the door to Alaska I knew He was telling me to go. You guessed right, I booked the flight.

The day I flew out to Alaska I knew that I was about to not only have an amazing trip but there was something that God needed to show me out there. Where we were staying was at a fish camp created by the amazing Knepper family that sat in the small town of Ninilchik. I had no clue what a fish camp was, where Ninilchik was or what we were doing but I was ready for anything. I landed in Anchorage that evening at 9pm and as I stepped foot out of the airport it was still light which is even weirder to see it rather than just hearing about how weird it is. That night we stayed in a hostel, which I had to ask one of the girls again what on earth a hostel because in my mind all I could think was something along the lines of a prison cell. To be honest it wasn’t as bad as I pictured it to be….

The next morning we caught a bus to take down to Ninilchik to meet up with everyone. Well let me say, this wasn’t a bus, it was a large white mini van that had a uhaul attached to it stored with fish. I remember thinking to myself, “what have I done?” When the drivers walked out to say hello, we started chatting and when they asked where I was from I replied with, “Sarasota” they immediately said “that’s where we live too!” They work in Alaska for 3 months during the summers and come back to FL to work. The more we talked, it turns out they went to the same high school as Rachel and knew her. Yes, my mouth dropped too.

We made our way on the 4 hour drive to Ninilchik and as we came up to the “Welcome to Ninilchik” sign on the right, there was a road sign on the left that was “Rachel Rd.” I kid you not, Google Earth can back me up. This was just the start of the trip where I realized that I was meant to be here at this time and place while God had his hands all over it. When we finally got to Knepper’s Fish Camp, I remember stepping out of the car and feeling a complete comfort in a far away place I had never even heard of and even in the greetings from the Kneppler family I ¬†could feel the warmth that was all around.

We had a few hours to kill before dinner was ready so I made my way to the front porch of the lodge and as I walked outside I picked up one of the books sitting on the table by Terese Holloway – Seeds of Hope. I had actually never heard of it before so I opened it and turned to the page July 31 and read this:


Pretty deep I know, but you see the part about “called me like an eagle,” well literally a bald eagle went flying past me on the porch as I read that. I thought how on earth is this even possible, oh wait – everything is possible with Him.

Alaska part 2 to be continued…


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