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Will You Stand or Will You Flee?

It’s amazing what one year can bring along in your life from trials, friendships, acquaintances, laughter, death, tears and how your faith gets tested on a daily basis.

What does taking a stand mean to you?

To me it means – choosing the hard truth over lies, where the road looks dim and curvy down the narrow path and you know that if you take this road it will be only you and it will be HARD.

Sound like something you’ve done before?

Something that I’ve learned this year is that when you take the road less traveled by, you’re going to learn a lot about people you’ve known for a long time, some you just met, you’re going to get kicked in the gut a lot and you’re going to have some true victories. I’ve been down the narrow road this past year and to be honest a situation I never thought I would find myself in by just helping out a friend in need. I’ve watched the situation evolve and it’s unreal to see the lies, the gloating, the name calling, the lies (did I say that twice, oops!) fabrication of the truth and how greed can overcome a person within a blink of an eye. If I even went into the situation you would think it’s a Lifetime movie so that is for another day BUT what I have learned is that no matter what comes your way, if you have your health, family, good friends, your faith and yes, a little wine then you’re doing awesome. The greed thing is what amazes me how people want and want, feel they can’t get enough or will trample over anyone to one up someone. I look at these people and I honestly don’t get it, they want and have everything in the world (according to them) and they look absolutely miserable. How the heck does that add up? You’re right it doesn’t…..

Some want to protect their image so bad that they will go to the ends of the earth to make sure nobody sees their ugly side. But what’s missing is knowing that what you obtain in this world from money, homes, clothes, cars, thriving business or whatever floats your boat will fade away especially when you pass away.

What good does that large flashy house do you while you’re dead and gone?


I’m not coming down on you, it’s just that when my sister and I had to go through Rachel’s stuff in 2012 right after she passed away it hit us – you literally don’t take a thing with you. That sits with you and puts an entire new perspective in your life and good grief I hope you never have to experience that feeling like we did. But for those that have, you get it and we’re right there with you.

Will You Stand or Will You Flee?

What’s the hardest thing to do in that question? Yep, take the stand. Since I was a kid people would always say, “Bodi, why are you so stubborn, it’s okay to go with the flow sometimes.” I guess you can say I’ve never been the one to follow the fish in the sea not just because of my personality but because it’s just flat out the right thing to do at the end of the day. Have I made mistakes? Absolutely, but if I say I’m going to help you with you something when everyone else walks away, I’m going to do just that. There’s been plenty of times that people have not agreed with me for what I believe, for standing up for a certain person the others didn’t like, giving of my time one way when I should have done something else and the list goes on. I can’t say I’m the only one in the family like that either, that’s one thing that my parents have instilled in all three of their girls – be respective, give to others, fight the good fight, always eat good food (southern style!) stand up for yourself and never lose your faith.

I’m sure you’ve had a time in your life where you stood up for something when the others around were telling you run away with them, right?

What did you do?

Was your heart racing back and forth as you decided what the right choice was or did you immediately know what to do?

This is one thing I think everyone struggles with when a trial in life comes your way where a part of you wants to just fall to the floor and hope it goes away but ultimately you know that you have to face it. I spoke to a dear friend in Alaska last summer that told me at the end of our conversation with my situation, “whatever you do, don’t fail the test.” I have heard that in my head and said that to myself every day since he stated it to me. Of course, in my mind I’m thinking, “this is some kind of test! Could you not have given me a little something less complicated Lord?” But I’m sure everyone thinks that when their in the current trial their in whether big or small. All I know is that He’s trying to teach you something during all of this whether you lose or you win. Ultimately it’s his battle and He wants to see what we choose, will we take the stand or will we flee?

What I struggle with is I’ve always been giving to others and through what I’ve gone through there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to give as much anymore because people take advantage of that. But when I step back, fall and then wipe the dust off my feet I remember that’s not what He wants us to do and – “to not fail the test.”

You’ve always got a choice no matter what and even if others pressure you to do something, do what you think is right and not what everyone else thinks is right. Will you be struck down for fleeing at some point? Nah, but the feeling of taking that stand when you’re the underdog and down the very long road you came out with a victory – that just feels awesome. Even if you don’t win, people will respect the fact that you didn’t give up even when all of the odds were stacked against you.

Don’t fail the test.

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