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The 3 F’s: Faith, Family and Friendships

When I think of an “F” I go back to grade school thinking about getting a bad grade and not wanting to show mom the report (yes, I got one F in middle school and it was the last time I ever did thanks to mom!). So if you’re thinking like I am, I totally get you BUT the three F’s I’m talking about are Faith, Family and Friendships.

The past few years have been full of moments of –

  • “What the….”
  • “How did I get here?”
  • “I didn’t think it could get any worse…”
  • “What’s around the corner?”

As you get older you start to realize you’re not the first person who thought of all of these things. Leave it to Grandma to put you in your place if you think differently ha!


This has been the ultimate go to the past few years. You might think, “well why is it not a go to for many years?” You’re right, I’m guilty of many times that I pushed aside putting God first because things were going so smooth. I had a great life, I was in church, had amazing health, great friends and well you get the picture. I never had a moment in life where I didn’t pray or I wasn’t thankful but I got “comfortable.”Faith, Family and Friendships - Ashley Bodi

You probably noticed the white cross on at the top but we didn’t make that, it literally happened with hit of the glass window. Yes, I know your mouth just dropped.

Last November we were working in the shop on some vintage windows for a glass house project. This particular window was the least pretty of them all and ended up with a broken glass piece in it. We decided to toss it so we hit the good glass pane with a hammer. Now normally this would break just the one glass pane and you keep going but we noticed something different. The whole wood frame had shattered and the only thing left together was that white cross. We literally just stood there staring at it in true disbelief on how that could even happen BUT leave it to the Lord and His sense of humor to boggle your mind.

We were all going through some things during that time and it brought us to tears as just a reminder that no matter what it’s going to be okay and He’s got our back, always. And if you really want to get deep with it – we were getting ready to throw the window in the trash as if it was no good but it’s a reminder that nobody should be tossed to the side because we all matter to Him. So when you judge someone else before knowing them, leave someone out of your group for the movies, judge where they live etc., just remember that we’re all the same just trying to walk each other to our true home in heaven.

That white cross is now in the shop as a daily reminder for us to keep the faith even when the storms in your life don’t seem to ease up on you. Faith, it’s number one.


I joke about this on the show all the time about how I was in high school and said, “I’ll never work with any of the family businesses.” But there’s that humor that God has, He knew exactly where that road was leading. Right into the very thing thing I said I wouldn’t do. You know what I’m talking about where you say you’re not going to do something and literally it happens the next day? Yeah, I see you nodding your head. As you know that’s exactly what happened in my story. Would I trade it to do something else? Not in a heartbeat. Granny and J

Yes, that’s the grandma that shares quotes with me and keeps me in line. Isn’t she a doll?

I actually had someone recently make a comment that people in family businesses don’t work or have an actual real job. I’m going to leave that one alone because I’m sure enough of you got a nice little giggle out of that comment. I will say, some of the hardest working and kindest people I’ve ever known own a small or family business. Period.

The thing about family is that you’re going to have different dynamics across the boards, that’s just a given. But it’s the bond and the glue that you have to work on to keep it together. But some of that glue that keeps you tight is the faith you have, together. Our family has always been close but there was an even deeper bond that formed after losing Rachel where it dropped us to our knees in grief but it’s amazing what faith can do to a family when you just trust Him. Now that bond we have with each other is stronger than ever and that is such an amazing feeling to know that no matter what life throws my way, I can go to each one of them and they have my back. And ultimately, I know I will see Rachel again and man what a day that will be!

Yep, that’s the fam bam. Love them with my whole heart. Too bad my hot date isn’t in the photo (and now he’s laughing and blushing as he reads this ha!). I won’t tell you what Grandma said about him, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Ashley Bodi
Family is such a huge part of the journey and it literally breaks my heart when a family unit is broken for whatever reason. But I will say that if you do have a broken relationship with maybe your dad or sibling, go mend it because life is too short to leave things unsaid or to have anger in your heart. For some of you reading this, you may not feel like you have a solid family unit but you find family in your group of friends around you and that is awesome! That’s part of what I was going to tell you next….


Kneppers Fish Camp - Ashley BodiI can’t stress this enough, solid friendships and relationships are a must in this life. There are going to be some people that come into your life that you think will last and they won’t. Some will leave you in the dark wondering how you missed something or use you for the moment they need you. It happens unfortunately and we all miss the signs sometimes so I understand! BUT the ones who stand by your side no matter what happens in your life are the ones that you need to continue to surround yourself with. Keep those that build you up and encourage you.

With the world we live in it seems that so many feel they have to go with a certain group of friends to maintain a certain status but the reality is that most of those people will not be there when you call them for help. We’re all selfish to a point and that’s okay to want some time to yourself or to want to go on a vacation to get away. That’s just human nature but what I’m talking about is how you treat people. I was told that I was “too nice.” It’s funny to think that the person who said it meant that it was a bad thing. I can honestly say that I would hope that I’m too nice to people because I truly mean what I do and what I say to anyone. Ashley BodiYou should give of yourself and let me tell you, it’s an amazing feeling to give to others because you get to see amazing things happen because of it. Now don’t go do something for someone and go post about it to your friends, that defeats the entire purpose of giving. It’s just about paying attention to people and helping them when they’re in need. I’ve loved learning of stories that people have shared with me now of Rachel where she did something for someone without wanting anything in return. And that was exactly who she was but to see what it meant to that person she went out of the way for is truly heart warming. That’s what it’s all about in friendships and relationships. Life is tough enough, don’t spend it around those that constantly bring you down where you do the same to others. If you find those that make you better, hold onto them. They need you just as much as you need them too.

Friendships - Ashley Bodi

I remember Dr. Adrian Rogers when he preached he use to say, “What will be on your grave? An exclamation point or a question mark?” Be the exclamation point.

The 3 F’s – Faith, Family and Friendships. That’s where it’s at.

And as always, keep the faith.

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