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Modern Wall Design + Woodworking

I can 100% say that I LOVE what I do and I am blessed beyond words to work side by side with some amazing people day in and day out. It’s projects like this that make the trials of small business totally worth it.

We got the chance to team up with our friends at Midway Church to create a new wall design for their Baptism area. They wanted to have a hint of clean rustic with a modern feel.

All Things New - Modern Wall Design

We decided to go with a dark walnut for the 1 x 3 slats since it creates a warm but not too dark finish when the lights hit it and it’s shown on their TV screens. Dark walnut is always a great go to stain for any tables, wall or flooring.

Southern Sunshine - Modern Wall Design

We went went with the “Gothic” style font to keep the modern look and to be easily visible for those seated all the way in the back of the sanctuary. And of course, metallic silver pops like it’s hot right on the dark walnut color.

All Things New - Modern Wall Design

We love the phrase they came up with “All Things New” because this is where new lives begin. Huge thanks to our Midway friends and family for everything they do each and every week.

We took a time lapse for kicks and giggles so enjoy!

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