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Be Honest with Yourself and be Honest with Your Customers

Oh how excited I am about you getting the chance to hear from someone I think the world of and truly admire – Yes, my Gran Ann. She’s one of the loveliest people who is selfless, constantly uplifting, always has my back, not afraid to tell it like it is and always prays for even her enemies.

She’s taught me about life, how to deal with people, friendships, relationships and of course educated me in numerous business decisions. Friends and family know her and want to be just like her (not to mention she’s literally Betty White’s twin we’re convinced!). You may have heard me talk about her and share quotes with you that she sends me each week in my email. So now you get to hear her up close and personal.

Over Thanksgiving we sat down and interviewed her for the show to get her take on some small business questions that we get asked all the time by new and seasoned entrepreneurs. She gives you her advice while also making you giggle too.

Enjoy this interview for the advice but also enjoy my adorable southern grandma too.

You can see the original interview here.

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