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Business Beware Show

What is the show about?

We are debunking the old adage – “the customer is always right” because it’s actually not true. Nobody isĀ always right which means that the customer isĀ NOT ALWAYS right. We bring you tips on running your business, how to pre-qualify your customers and the humorous side of owning a business. And of course we talk about our website – BusinessBeware.Biz

Want to challenge us on why you think the customer is always right? Feel free, we dare you to change our minds.

Getting BACK TO THE BASICS with customers and businesses.

Our show is for both the business owner, entrepreneur, startup and customers. We explore both sides because we are customers everywhere we go from shopping, eating out, going to the gym etc. Not everyone is a business owner so we are educating both sides about each other in a very, very humorous way.

To learn more about the show visit our official site.