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Business Beware

What is Business Beware? was created where businesses can forewarn each other about difficult customers and collect from non-paying customers too.

Why was this created?

It started as a place for business owners to warn each other about customers that have become a problem but we decided to step it up a notch and offer a kick butt service known as the “beware letter.” Scary right? Well it is to the customer who doesn’t want to be placed on the site for being known as a customer who won’t pay… We help you collect money from the customer but you don’t pay us a percentage. You know you’re doing something awesome when even customers say “wow this is a great thing for business owners.” Yes, we agree. We were tired of reading books and hearing from “experts” about how to deal with customers, yada, yada… when they have never owned a business. Most of them write that stuff for fluff but we are the non-fluff small business people who decided to go against the “experts.” Here at Business Beware we don’t whine and complain about how bad a customer was, we do something about it and if you feel the same we welcome you friend.